Big Brother / Doctor Who

Big Brother | Bad Wolf TV
Sat, 7pm Channel 44,000

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Doctor Who "Bad Wolf" Trailer

The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness fight for survival on board the Game Station. The Doctor ends up trapped within Big Brother broadcast live on Channel 44,000 from Bad Wolf TV, Rose appears on The Weakest Link and Captain Jack is shown What Not To Wear! Who could be behind such a television station?


  • The Doctor Christopher Eccleston
  • Rose Tyler Billie Piper
  • Jack Harkness John Barrowman
  • Voice of Anne Droid Anne Robinson
  • Voice of Davina Droid Davina McCall
  • Voice of Trine-e Trinny Woodall
  • Voice of Zu-Zana Susannah Constantine
  • Lynda Jo Joyner
  • Strood Jamie Bradley
  • Crosbie Abi Eniola
  • Rodrick Paterson Joseph
  • Floor Manager Jenna Russell
  • Director Joe Ahearne
  • Producer Phil Collinson
  • Writer Russell Davies